Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Homework: Musical Gestures

OK, here they are!  I spread them out to 4 pages because I didn't have room to comfortably fit them, but it's still the right number of drawings so I'm hoping it's OK?  Anyhow, I used black colored pencil for all of these and focused on using the side of the lead to my advantage.

The first image features Vanessa Mae.  I'm a fan of the way she interprets classical music from the likes of Bach and Vivaldi, fusing it with modern beats, and injects energy into it both with performance style and the music itself.  The first image and the top drawing of the second are her.  

Here is the video:

The pianist at the bottom of this second image and top of the third is Glenn Gould, a famous pianist.  I chose him partially because he has a very odd posture, sitting low and close to the piano.  His music style is very technical and staccato, well-suited to Bach.  I tried to capture the staccato by using lots of "points" emphasized on the line in strategic points.  Though I'm afraid I got caught up in the line more than the gesture perhaps?

The bottom two drawings are of a harpist interpreting "Fireflies" by Owl City.  I really like how it flows, and hands of harpists are awesome to watch.

Finally, I wanted something with a lot of rhythm so I went after some African drumming/dancing.  The following are from two videos: (Kind of a long one-- she's near the beginning)
I'm rather happy with how I did the line on the top woman especially.

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  1. Kirsten,
    These are all very nice. You capture the gesture of the performer pretty well. Where I think you are most successful is where you use the side of your pencil to describe light patterns, rather than hair or clothing color.

    While it isn't a must, grounding characters like dancers can help ground them and reinforce their more extreme gesture.

    Great work.