Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 12: Classroom session

We had sort of a "regroup" meeting in class where we did very quick sketches and learned about what mistakes we were making (hands/line quality, etc...)  Eventful day!  Though I can't say I'm too happy with how any of these came out... guess it was an off day.

Drawing the hands of classmates.  The top two are Bert's.

Here are some hands I drew from imagination.  I tackled what I view to be my weakness, which is "hands holding large round things" like cups.

Top:  15-second conception of a vampire (half bat) and bottom is guy straining against wind.

Left:  Rene Magritte tribute guy, left: My vampire with posed student (2 mins?)

Bass player!  I had a hard time trying to "extend" the lines from the drawing to make it look more lyrical.  I suspect I overdid it...

I turned the big-skull costume into a Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebrator.

Guitar player.  Wish I would've made the style more musical...


  1. Wow, I love seeing your interpretations of all the poses! Especially your day of the dead guy, how cool is he! :D

  2. Kirsten,
    Quite to the contrary - this is good work. When we're in the studio, I like forcing the issue a bit to remind the class about the pace at which you can work and still capture convincing gestures.
    Continue to work on foreshortening with the arms but overall,these capture the overall pose well.