Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 23: In Class

Lots of music!  I tried change around the musician character.

First here's a classic "strong man act".  Haha

Tried to make these more gestural and make the style of the cello match that of the player...

Had to make a student into an old lady, hehe.  Always fun... 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 22: OSU Student Union

What a building!  I loved the interior of this place as soon as I walked in, so I decided to do an environment.
I didn't have a ruler or anything, and I found that using the side of a charcoal pencil is a lot "messier" and less exact than a colored pencil.  I also didn't plan out the composition beforehand, but started with that window and worked my way outward, which led to problems that I thought I could erase, but the charcoal didn't erase as well as I thought it would.
Let's just say if I did it again I'm pretty sure I could do it better...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 21: North Market

Yay, I always love our trips here!

I tried charcoal pencil out for the first time this class.  I actually liked it more than I was expecting, in some ways more than black colored pencil.  I felt that the added friction aided in more sharp and precise lines.  I'll definitely keep one with me in the future.

Had fun with the flowers.  I realized it'd been a long time since I'd drawn any "foliage".  All about positive and negative shapes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 20: Beck Tavern

I'd always thought bars had strong, direct above lighting, so one would be perfect for this day's prompt.

I usually never go into bars and I was actually pretty dissapointed by how diffuse the light really was.  There was a bunch of color differences but not a lot of value.  (For example, faces lit by red on one side and green on the other, but kind of medium in tone all the way through).
I found I had to do some fudging and I'm afraid they came out a little vague.  But the light above the pool tables was pretty good.

It was fun to draw people playing pool too, as they tend to freeze for a couple of seconds while aiming.

(And by the way, I had chili and lemonade, so no violation of our rule...)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 19: Return to BalletMet!

This was a good drawing experience overall, though I had a hard time concentrating starting out.

I really aimed for difficult poses, like mid-air or one-foot ones, as well as ones with foreshortening.  I found out I had a lot of holes in my knowledge of anatomy when I tried to reconstruct some of the poses from my head!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 18: Sick Day


Today I was really sick and tried to sleep it off around the time of class, waking up at night to find that not only do I feel worse, but there aren't a lot of good places to draw people at night even if I was to feel like leaving.

I'll try to make it up sometime- this past day just wasn't a drawing type of day.  Sorry!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 17: In class- Narrative poses with light source

Another in-class session.  Lots of fun coming up with scenarios with the likes of brooms and baseball bats.  Almost all of them were 3 minutes.  I've kinda surprised myself with how much I could get done in 3 minutes...

Alas, poor Yorick!

Old man and miner woman.

Angry mob guy.  I decided to make him into the classic farmer.  And made my teacher look like Abe Lincoln...

Old mountain man pointing something out to his grandson/daughter.  Either a shooting star or a yeti.

Wizard guy!  Fun with lighting and hair.  I like how this one came out despite the "broken" fingers, haha.  It makes me think "Disney" for some reason.

"Posidusa" - Started out drawing Poseidon but made them into Medusa with a seaweed dress.  And the 2nd drawing is pretty self-explanatory.

Guy on top left is supposed to be cold.  I repositioned the legs to suggest knocking knees but I think he just has to go to the bathroom now.  Top right is a ventriloquist.  And the bottom is supposed to be a vampire in a snowstorm.  Should've drawn snow... I forgot :-(

Musket fun!

Top left is a drug dealer.  I ran out of time to draw a customer though... 
And bottom right is a tranny on a cell phone.  Well, I started out drawing a man but decided to make it female midway through.  Instant shemale.

Zombie and torch guy.  Fun fun!

Quicker poses.  30 seconds I think.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 16: Hands

Hey, some of these are actually from Mr. Tardino's saturday art program for highschoolers.  What's cool is that he has costumed models pose.  I drew there to because... a.) I like costumed model drawing, and b.) I wanted to get ahead in this class because I'm going to be very busy for the next week and a half.

Luckily my medium and focus lined up well with the guidelines.

Sorry I don't have too much in the way of background.  (I only just saw your last comment.)  I'll try to make up for it next round.