Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 15: Bus Stop and Chipotle

Note:  I apologize for not making it to the OSU area. I had every intention of doing so, but took a nap an hour before class and set the alarm wrong, so by the time I woke up it was 5:20 and it wouldn't have been worth it to drive up.  So I thought I'd just make up the work with my own venture.  

Warming up.  I like how the guy holding the basketball has the whole Shakespear skull thing going on.  Should've given him a word bubble "Alas, poor Yorick!  I knew him well."

Drawing some more, trying to work on filling in blanks with my imagination.

Below is an interesting page.  The bottom is a collaboration between me and a homeless woman I got to talking with at the bus stop.  I think we talked for a least a half hour, mainly about a construction project of converting a semi truck trailer into a livable home.  It was a really fun conversation, where I drew a diagram of my conception of her idea (didn't show up well in the scan) and she drew over it to explain other concepts.

I though about asking to draw her, but a police officer came then asking about a suspicious backpack reported in the area.  He danced around the phrase "bomb threat" so I thought it would be wise to head somewhere else to draw...

Below is when I went to Chipotle.  There was this very unpleasant-seeming woman there.  Big jewelry and leather coat, with hair teased out in this perm I associate with bossy upper-middle class women and a rather sour expression/fake smile.  She seemed to be putting down her husband(?) a lot, so I tried to bring that out that unpleasantness in the drawing.

Just messing around here with exaggerations...


  1. I like the way you draw clothes in your sketches. You capture the postures of the people very well. You did a good job of capturing the mean woman's expression.
    Interesting story too :)

  2. Kirsten,
    Pretty good work - good variety of characters and gestures. Remember to place these characters a little. They are a bit isolated (except in the first page).

  3. I love how you fill in so much of these characters with bits from your imagination! It's such an admirable quality and it definitely comes through in the way you execute your drawings.