Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 12: Micky-D's

I decided to go down to the Grant Street McDonalds for the free day.  I had originally planned for the High/Broad bus hub, but the rain made that an issue.

It was a cozy experience.  Cold rain outside, and many people slowly sipping hot coffee.  And luckily it contained some characters.  I used black colored pencil for all of them.

This guy never once looked at me.  But he got up and moved behind me after awhile.  Guess he didn't want to be drawn then?  Anyway, he was fun because he seemed deep in thought.  And he was slightly cross-eyed, which was hard to try to capture right.
 This guy on top was funny.  He was deeply involved in some paper work.  His small round eyes and stretched mouth were fun.  I regret not exaggerating more.

Guy doing his homework from the looks of it.  He seemed to really be enjoying it, grinning and such.  Fun to watch.  I don't like the way I drew him though.  Maybe because I made up most of it from my head.  (Why do they always leave as soon as you start drawing them?  :-\)

Professor guy:  This man appeared to be meeting with a favorite student to discuss cutting edge and controversial modern philosophy.  (I don't know what he was really talking about though-- too far away.)  I really worked on capturing his expression, which was one of the weirdest expressions I've ever tried to draw.  He seemed to be excited (but skeptical), deep in thought, receptive but a little haughty at the same time.  He was furrowing his brows almost in anger, but he certainly wasn't angry.
Yeah, I know both hands are wonky.  I spent most of my time on the face...

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