Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 13: North Market and Nationwide

Another fun North Market excursion.  I'm trying to get better at using the side of my pencil.

The lady on top was working for the La Viet Market.  The guy on the bottom right was working at the meat place in the back (kind of a weird bending/foreshortening pose).

 I had fun with the woman on the top right, all done with the side of the lead.  The guy on the bottom was awesome- like mad scientist/professor.  I played it up a little but not much!

Yeah, this one's kinda bad in the anatomy department, but I sorta like the weirdness of it...

The top figure is Bert buying oysters.

Some people at the nationwide arena.  I was sitting on the ground and got this cool underside view of someone looking at the map above me.

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  1. Kirsten,
    Good work. I really like the drawing of Bert - great variety of light and dark line - and excellent weight shift. Anytime you incorporate even a little of the environment it adds story to the drawing.
    I like that you're trying o find different vantage points. Continue to do this - even if you aren't successful sometimes - most of the time, you will be.