Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 14: Guest Speaker, Library, and Hospital Cafeteria

I kind of spread out my "free day" to a few locations (though together they added up to a day's worth, or more). I started out drawing audience members during a CCAD guest lecture (can you guess who the faculty member is on the first one?)

I later went to the library courtyard.  I realize that the these subjects seem "head on", but one guy was laying very low on the bench (his body was at an angle coming towards me), and the other guy had his head down in an odd way, showing his neck above his head.  I guess that counted as foreshortening in my book.

I then crossed the street to visit my favorite sketch hangout-- the hospital cafeteria!  I drew the lady on the upper left (with the chair) to make sure I had a good token foreshortening one, hehehe... Then I sat down with my cheap sushi to draw people.

I had fun with the exaggerated ones.  For some reason, I enjoy making people look weirder and less flattering than they really are...

Finally, I snuck in a developed drawing that's entirely from my head.  Can you spot which one it is?

1 comment:

  1. Kirsten,
    Good work. I like how you're focusing on portraits, as well as drawings from the waist-up and full figured drawings. Please keep this up.

    With closer sketches, if there is some environment you can incorporate, try to do so.
    Even think about more abstracted shapes in background planes - the framed glass of a window or building component or the shape of a tree.
    Keep it up !