Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trip to North Market

2nd sketch day!

We went to North Market to draw.  This was a great place for it, because I could get some neat views from above and have some fun with foreshortening.  It was also an illustrator's heaven because so many people were busy doing things, like cutting meat and making lasagna.  I especially liked bringing some background into these.


  1. Kirsten,
    These are really good. You've got a good sense of foreshortening, as well as gesture.

    The person sitting with their back to us (left side) - the left leg looks a little odd try separating the lower leg by tucking it underneath the thigh a little more.

    I like that you've begun to draw the cases and counters. Keep going with this and try to turn the geometric shapes into compositions (use these shapes to your advantage).

    Keep it up !

    Also - Try to vary the sizes of your drawings.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I fudged that guy's leg after he got up and left, and I think it does show...

    About the size of my drawings, that's a problem I'm having. It's very hard for me to go bigger because I can't vary the width of my penline. As a result, everything drawn big seems really flat. I suppose I could fudge a thicker line by coloring in... but that seems slow and I don't want it to seem like "sasquatch line". Any tips?

  3. Looks like fun, especially the overhead perspective.