Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 7: Free day (Bus Stop and Library)

I went to the bus stop, and found out it's a good place to draw professional-looking business people, as I was there around the 4-6 time.  I used the brush pen for all of this, trying to make more dynamic and stylized drawing.  It later started to get too rainy, so I finished up drawing people at the Metropolitan library.


This was fun.  I enjoyed "pushing it " a little.
I enjoyed these too.

The guy on the lower left is the first I attempted to stylize more.  I was trying to capture his mannerisms.

Lots of messenger bags.  Apparently briefcases are "out".

Guy sitting in library. 



  1. These are really cool! The last one looks amazing! Kind of like a stamp or a story book illustration in some sense.

  2. Kirsten,
    Some of these are brilliant. As we discussed, the pen forces you to commit to a line - so sensitivity is key here... and while most of these poses are "pedestrian" (since you're drawing pedestrians) they still have a nice gestural quality to them.
    The female pose in page 4, pages 5, 6 and the final portrait in profile are really strong.