Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cup o' Joe cafe sketch

OK, now this is an OFFICIAL cafe sketch, haha!
So, because this was the last day using the ballpoint pen, I decided to do a tighter rendering.  I now wish I hadn't spent so much time getting some of the proportions right, so that I would've been able to get a little more done in the "quantity" department...

I'm considering dropping some value into this in Photoshop, in order to better separate the foreground from the background... but only if you think it needs it.


  1. I think everything on the left looks good without values, though the space on the right could use a bit more definition somehow. I can't quite tell what they're supposed to be...

  2. Ooh, I think this was time well spent! This is a wonderfully crafted setting.

  3. Kirsten,
    This is a great composition. Cristina's comment about the development of it is a good one. The left side, being in the foreground, is perfect in a less developed state. It directs our eye into the sketch. However, once you decide to devote your focus in a certain area (depth) of the drawing, it should be consistent.
    This is nitpicking, though, because I love this drawing. Great perspective (I see your under drawing establishing this), good gesture and great variety in line weight.
    If you aren't yet a fan, look at the work of Jan Vermeer - a Dutch painter from the mid to late 17th Century. This composition is reminiscent of his work.