Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 6: Columbus State, North Market, and class

So we went down to Columbus State Community College to draw students hanging out at the first day of the semester.  I had to leave early though, so I made up for the lost time by providing some drawings done at North Market.

The head drawing below was a professor walking by, wondering what I was doing.  He jokingly asked me to draw him, so I asked him to stand there for a couple minutes.  He actually obliged!

Woman at her laptop in North Market:

People sitting at North market, except the girl below left was drawn in class.

More students at class.

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  1. Kirsten,
    Good work. As an illustrator, you have a good understanding of how to indicate details of a character without them getting to overdone. Please continue this. Most of these drawings are either missing hands or they are obscured by the legs... maybe try working on subjects where we can see the hands more. They will reinforce the nice gesture you capture.
    Also, I like where you devote your shading and heavier lines - in areas of weight, stress and of of shadow - continue to be sensitive to this.