Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 3: Grant Hospital

Grant Hospital's a great place to draw people!  I found a couple good spots to do it.  One is outside the emergency room entrance, where all the patients (as well as nurses) go to smoke.  This means I get a chance to draw wheelchairs, crutches, casts, and those long polls that carry fluid that people wheel around with themselves!  The other's the cafeteria.

There are also a good amount of fun characters to draw, such as spirited old people, those who look like they're maybe there from drug rehab or something, and the oddballs you don't always get to see when confined to campus.  (I hope it doesn't seem like I'm insensitively exploiting those in the hospital, I wish them all the best in their recoveries...)

Finally, I would like to note that I spent some extra time there, which accounts for the fact that I got more done this time than other classes.  So please don't set this as the par for me, at least not yet!  0_o

Yeah, this guy's eyes are weird, I was trying to exaggerate and it failed.  I enjoyed drawing the woman.  She reminded me of a large bird sitting on a nest or something because she couldn't fly.

Those 2 guys at the bottom were really funny, especially the guy with the cock-eyed glasses.  He kept looking around all dazed like a mad scientist after an explosion or something.  I hope I succeeded in making just his glasses askew, not his entire face.

Onto the cafeteria!
Darn!  I forgot to draw that guy's feet.  I think they were behind a chair or something and I moved on before coming back...
Anyway, the woman in the upper left was hard to draw, as she was always laughing!  I hope I captured her "laugh potential".

I actually did the basketball player completely from my head, after looking at someone similar to him walk by in the cafeteria.  I'm pretty proud of that, I didn't think I'd be able to make convincing pose/gesture.   I hope that's a sign I'm getting better...
The guy on the right was fun, since he hardly moved.
And the doctor guy on the bottom really did have that weird expression.  He was chewing his food and turning his eyes up to watch TV without actually raising his head.  I'm afraid I made him look like a weird child though, since I tried to make his cheeks "chewing"

These were fun!  I hope go after more spontaneity and elegance like this.

Back outside the waiting room with the smokers.  All 3 of the people were interesting.  I didn't really have time to draw the pregnant woman though.  I saw her stand for a couple seconds then get into a car at the pull-around.  I think my lack of good reference shows in her...

The guy in the upper left looked somehow old, despite his youth and brilliant red hair.  I made up a back-story for him that he was in rehab from heroin.  The guy on the bottom was fun, his stiff gown especially.

Nurse texting during a smoke break.  Probably my worst one, especially where the face is concerned.  If I mess up a facial proportion, I try to correct it with more line, which ends up making it worse usually...


  1. Amazing as always. I especially like the top two pages. You have a nice variety of poses as well.

  2. Wow, your sketches are always stunning! The hospital is such an interesting place to draw; you definitely start to see these people shape into characters.

  3. Kirsten,
    All of these are really solid. You have a good command of proportion and aren't afraid to attempt to capture character, along with gesture... especially in peoples' faces.

    The hospital is a great place to draw a wide range of individuals... a good choice.

    As you capture these gestures, think about light direction and how shadows and ambient lighting ground the form. I see it in several of these - so I know you're conscious of it - keep it up !

  4. I think you did a great job of capturing the details in the clothes and hair in a short amount of time. The shading on them is really good as well.

  5. The elderly woman has the most emotion of all. Kindly, gentle, charming, warm, not a hint of being weathered despite her age. Thats what I got just from the image without reading the caption first.

    Honestly, I think its because of the round, wide, open nature of her face. It sort of reminds me of something Terry Moore might draw.