Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 17: In class- Narrative poses with light source

Another in-class session.  Lots of fun coming up with scenarios with the likes of brooms and baseball bats.  Almost all of them were 3 minutes.  I've kinda surprised myself with how much I could get done in 3 minutes...

Alas, poor Yorick!

Old man and miner woman.

Angry mob guy.  I decided to make him into the classic farmer.  And made my teacher look like Abe Lincoln...

Old mountain man pointing something out to his grandson/daughter.  Either a shooting star or a yeti.

Wizard guy!  Fun with lighting and hair.  I like how this one came out despite the "broken" fingers, haha.  It makes me think "Disney" for some reason.

"Posidusa" - Started out drawing Poseidon but made them into Medusa with a seaweed dress.  And the 2nd drawing is pretty self-explanatory.

Guy on top left is supposed to be cold.  I repositioned the legs to suggest knocking knees but I think he just has to go to the bathroom now.  Top right is a ventriloquist.  And the bottom is supposed to be a vampire in a snowstorm.  Should've drawn snow... I forgot :-(

Musket fun!

Top left is a drug dealer.  I ran out of time to draw a customer though... 
And bottom right is a tranny on a cell phone.  Well, I started out drawing a man but decided to make it female midway through.  Instant shemale.

Zombie and torch guy.  Fun fun!

Quicker poses.  30 seconds I think.


  1. You used your imagination really well. In your campfire sketch the direction of the light is well documented.

  2. Wow these are really great, I'd be a little afraid if these characters were roaming around the streets of Columbus. Actually scratch that, they probably already are.

  3. Kirsten,
    These are great ! I like how you can capture the gesture, while creating a convincing character.
    Excellent use of shading, too, considering the time constraints - keep this up.