Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yikes, the birds!

Man, I can't stand when something slips my mind like that, sorry for having these a little late.

Here are the videos used:
Golden Eagle
Birds collide
Slow motion hummingbird
Starling Takeoff
Cock Fight

I found this cool video of birds accidentally colliding over a piece of food.  That's what the two top and the bottom left one are from.  The lower middle and right ones are from a slow motion hummingbird.  I found this very interesting, as the wings appear to twist as they flap, in the way that bees do.  It's part of the secret of how they generate enough lift with the size of their wings.

Here are some starlings taking off (great video), though the lower right corner one is an eagle-- I had no idea their legs were THAT long!

The two on the left of this image are two roosters fighting (no this isn't one of those illegal mediated fights, they just did it on their own.  Obnoxious video though.)  The one on the right is another eagle.

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